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About The Project

This project is a work dedicated to once and future ‘companions on the way’. Everything started with the beautiful and spiritual song “Companions On the Way!” (music and text by Jacque Darragh).

We want to build a montage of the many faces of RCIA singing “Companions on the Way”. The images of people singing in unison will be part of a moving graphic. People - who would like to participate in the movie - have to make a video recording (just of faces) as they sing along with the music provided. We'll only use the video of faces, not voices, and the images will be small and moving in a graphic, so people will just be part of an “effect”.

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Online Marketing Case Study - I Become We

It was born of the notion of many becoming one in Christ—many “I’s” becoming “We” in a loving community.


  • Sponsered the project
  • Developed the idea
  • Build a presentation website
  • Collected and recorded 120 videos
  • Hosted the project

We need 30 more videos to finish the project.

I Become We Responsive Website Design

I Become We Responsive Website Design

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